Ensonglopedia of Space

Ensonglopedia of Space is an exploration of the cosmos through song.

The show was commissioned by the Eden Project, and performed twenty times over seven days in August 2018.


John Hinton has been writing songs about space for about a decade. In Summer 2018, the Eden Project asked if he would create a half-hour compilation of space-related songs for a week-long residency in the Mediterranean Biome. The result was Ensonglopedia of Space.


The show is designed to be suitable for anyone who happens to be wandering by, and will be particularly enjoyed by young scientists from 7 upwards.


This is a compilation show, featuring songs from various other shows by John Hinton, and even the odd cover. One song was written specifically for the Eden Project – a song about the challenges and opportunities of building biodomes in space and on other planets, called ‘Space In Space?’


Ensonglopedia of Space was created for a one-off week of performances at the Eden Project, and no more performances are currently anticipated. But that could all change! Please get in touch if you’d like a performance of Ensonglopedia of Space at your event.