Welcome to the world of Ensonglopedia

An Ensonglopedia is a musical and alphabetical adventure, with a series of super songs, some serious, some somewhat sillier some say, on a selection of (sometimes scientific) subjects.  All songs are siphoned from the synapses of semi-Swede John Hinton.

Now That's What I Call A Lot Of Songs About Science at Brighton Fringe, May 7th and 15th 2022


After a long break from live performances, we’re very excited to be back on stage! Our new project Ensonglopedia of the Human has both a digital and a live version. We launched the live version at Brighton Fringe in June (where it got this lovely review), and the first two webisodes of the digital version are out now – see the embedded videos to the right.

We’ve recorded a 20-track album of songs from the show and webisode series, which you can stream for free here.

We’re also starting to build a lovely tour for the autumn,  please see our list of upcoming performances to find out when we’re coming to a venue near you.

Our weekly alphabetical song challenge

John Hinton has set himself the challenge of writing and recording a song a week, for 26 weeks, on a topic of science suggested by viewers, one for each letter of the alphabet. Here’s how he’s getting on:


Our recent lockdown project:

‘Nature Under Lock(down) and Key(change)’

Over the summer we were commissioned by Live and Local to collaborate with the beautiful Foundry Wood in Leamington Spa and write a series of songs about people’s relationship with nature during the lockdown. We’re really pleased with the outcome and would love to share it with you: check out the online performance and here’s the studio-recorded album:

We have an enticing selection of six Ensonglopedias for your perusal. Please choose from the following menu:

Ensonglopedia of Science
Ensonglopedia of Animals
Ensonglopedia of British History
Ensonglopedia of the Human
Ensonglopedia of Plants

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Upcoming performances

Date & timePlaceShowTickets & more info
Sat 7th and Sun 15th May 2022 at 3pmKomedia, Brighton, as part of Brighton Fringe FestivalNow That’s What I Call A Lot Of Songs About ScienceTickets here
Sun 22nd May ’22Foundry Wood, Leamington SpaEnsonglopedia of PlantsTickets available soon
Sat 28th & Sun 29th May ’22 @ 6pmElderflower Fields Festival, East SussexEnsonglopediaFestival tickets here
Sun 5th June ’22 @ 3pmLoxwood Village Hall, West SussexEnsonglopedia of the HumanFree apparently, more info here

“Wow!  What a selection. What a demonstration of the immense range of science… OUTSTANDING SHOW”
Fringe Review on Ensonglopedia of Science [Click for full review]

“Gloriously intricate lyrics and a few audacious rhymes complete a tightly-packed hour which demands your full attention but rewards it with plenty of offbeat humour… A geeky treat”
★★★★ Fringe Guru on Ensonglopedia of Science [Click for full review]

“Ensonglopedia of Animals is a riot and Hinton is a passionate and imaginative entertainer who deserves full marks for the energy, creativity and lyrical content of his work.”
★★★★ Broadway Baby [click for full review]

“Infectiously fun, genuinely clever, and impossible to dislike… Brilliant!”
Brighton and Hove News on Ensonglopedia of Animals [click for full review]

Ensonglopedia of Science: nominated for the Primary Times Children’s Choice Award, Brighton Fringe 2017

Ensonglopedia of British History
Nominated for Brighton Fringe Broadway Bobby Award 2019
[click here for proof!]