Ensonglopedia of Plants

Sing with the sunflowers, bop with the buttercups, mosh with the mustard.

John has dug into his musical roots to cultivate an evergreen performance exploring the flora and fauna of the English Garden, through comic songs.

Two versions of Ensonglopedia of Plants have so far been created – for Cambridge University Botanic Garden and for Kew Gardens in London.


John Hinton first wrote a suite of songs for Cambridge University Botanic Garden in 2014, as part of the Campsite residency. Then, in 2018, when the Garden decided to redesign their historic systematics beds, and build a new Rising Path for visitors to be able to see these beds from above for the first time, they asked John to come back and write songs about ten selected plant families. This became the original Ensonglopedia of Plants.

In 2019, Kew Gardens in London commissioned John to write 15 minutes of original song material about evergreen trees, which he performed three times a day for a fortnight as part of their Woodland Wonders sesason. This became the second Ensonglopedia of Plants.


Our garden is growing. We have had interest from a couple more public gardens about writing plant ensonglopedias for them, and we’d be very interested in hearing from you!

After a site visit to your public (or private!) garden, John will compose original songs about the special plants that can be found there. These can be performed next to the plants themselves, as a guided singing tour, or in any suitable indoor or outdoor space. The songs can also be made available as professionally produced recordings.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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