Ensonglopedia of Animals

Twenty-six animal songs, one
for each letter of the

Ensonglopedia of Animals is the second show in the Ensonglopedia series. Expect the unexpected…  and expect it to rhyme.


Ensonglopedia of Animals is a captivating one-man show from John Hinton, the multi-award-winning writer and performer of an internationally renowned ‘Scientrilogy’ of musical comedies about Darwin, Einstein and Curie, as well as Ensonglopedia of Science.


The show will be enjoyed by all ages from 5 to adult, and is suitable for a wide range of performance settings, including theatres, schools, science festivals and village halls.  For school audiences, the show is recommended for children at KS2 and lower KS3.


The show consists of songs about twenty-six animals, one for each letter of the alphabet, each rigorously fact-checked by experts. The songs are not performed in alphabetical order, but in the order of how closely related they are, starting with ‘H’ for Homo sapiens.


“Infectiously fun, genuinely clever, and impossible to dislike… Brilliant!” – ***** Brighton & Hove News

“Ensonglopedia of Animals is a riot and Hinton is a passionate and imaginative entertainer who deserves full marks for the energy, creativity and lyrical content of his work.” – **** Broadway Baby

“It’s clever, it’s tuneful and it’s a lot of fun; Hinton’s hit the right note again.” – **** Fringe Guru

“It was fantastic for the children to be exposed to scientific facts, different music genres and obscure animals, all at the same time! My class were hooked, they can’t stop talking about it!” Miss Sykes, Ormiston South Parade Academy

“I enjoyed when he did all of the songs because they all rhymed with the animals and we got to learn lots of interesting things.” Morgan (age 10), Littlecoates Primary Academy


The following organisations and individuals are kindly helping to fact-check the show’s lyrics:

  • The University of Sussex
  • Drusilla’s Zoo Park
  • Sea Life Centre, Brighton
  • Raystede Animal Sanctuary
  • University of Durham
  • University of Bangor
  • University of Reading


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