John Hinton has over two decades of experience in teaching workshops in a wide range of performance disciplines.

The songwriting workshop was developed specifically to accompany the Ensonglopedia shows.


This workshop was created with Arts Council funding specifically to accompany the Ensonglopedias of Science and Animals.

Participants are introduced to principles in songwriting including rhyme, song structure, analogy/metaphor and word painting.  We then put these principles to work to translate facts about the world into song.


John trained at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris.  He has taught Lecoq technique internationally and to all age groups.

A number of different workshops are offered in this area, including:

  • Mime – fixed-point, moving-point, and two skills John calls “representational” and “figurative” mime
  • Character – particularly one actor playing multiple characters
  • Ensemble work – starting with tragic chorus and Viewpoints
  • Devising – using the skills above to create pieces for performance in groups


Learn to juggle – and to do a lot of other circusy type things – and while you’re at it, learn some of the science behind it.

John gives workshops in juggling, diabolo, feather balancing, plate spinning, devil stick, clowning and a range of other circus skills. He always drops in a bit of science in his circus workshops, but has also delivered circus specifically geared at explaining various scientific principles such as gravity, subatomic particles and what is going on in your brain when you juggle.