SongLyrics, notes and scoresAudioVideo
A is for Atom: A.T.O.M.G.Musical score / Notes
B is for Bang: Big Bang Little BangLyrics / Notes
C is for Cell: The Cell CalypsoMusical score / Notes
D is for DNA: DNA DnBLyrics / Notes
E is for EnsonglopediaLyrics / Notes
F is for Fusion: Folk Funk FusionMusical score / Notes
G is for Gravity: The G ForceLyrics & chords / Notes
H is for Heart: A Hip-Hop HaikuNotes (includes next song)
I is for Ion v. IsotopeNotes (includes previous song)
J is for Jurassic: The Jurassic JiveMusical score / Notes
K is for Knowledge: Scientists Don’t KaraokeLyrics / Notes
L is for Life: Six Limericks on LifeNotes and words
M is for Medicine: Medicine The MusicalMusical score / Words
N is for Neuron: Itsy Bitsy NeuronLyrics / Notes
O is for the Olfactory Orifice of the OctopusNotes and words
P is for Phylogeny of the PeopleLyrics & chords / Notes
Q is for Quantum: Do The Quantum EntanglementLyrics / Notes
R is for Relativity: The Relativity RapLyrics / Notes
S is for Solar System: Space, ManLyrics / Notes
T is for Time: It’s TimeLyrics / Notes
U is for UV, V is for Vacuum, W is for Wave, X is for X-RayLyrics / Notes
Y is for YouMusical score / Lyrics
Z is for Zero: Zero, ZilchMusical score / Lyrics