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words and music by John Hinton

               C.                           F.               G
In the beginning, there was zero, zilch, zip
Then, for the past fourteen billion-odd years, we've been on a gigantic non-zero trip
But it can't last forever - nothing can -
Sooner or later, even the Universe will reach the end of its life span

We've got it good here, we've got all the atoms we need.
We've got atoms to eat, and atoms to sleep on, and atoms to drink and to breathe.

                   Am.                                                                   Dm.                                         G
Let us fast-forward through time, past old age, past our grandchildren's grandchildren's birth,
               Am.                                                                 Dm.                 G
Past the sun's transition to red giant phase and the absorption of the Earth
               Bdim.                                                           C.                       Am
Past the last ever star's last gasp, past the last ever asteroid's atomisation
        Dm.                               F.                                   G
And long after that, past the final black hole's final wisp of Hawking radiation

C.                  F.                             G
Zero is the state to which we'll return
An infinite void
Where all is destroyed
                    F.                    G
And there's nothing left to burn
                                C.              F G
And that's how it's meant to be
                                C.              F G
And it's part due to Entropy
                            C.              F G
And partly Dark Energy.
                                C.              F G
Basically, we're in jeopardy.

But it's not all bad news!
Let's not sit around and mope!
               G.                                          Bdim
There is hope! There is hope! 'Least I hope there is hope!
       Am.                     Dm
Perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps
                  G.                                    Bdim
There's a chance the expansion will turn to collapse
                 Dm.               Em.               G.        C
And we'll get to do the whole thing all over again!

In the beginning, there was zero, zilch, zip,
And maybe there still is nothing: some think the entire Universe is simply a random blip
And one day, one way or another, we'll be returning to zero-land:
So I hope you haven't got anything too long-term planned.

©2017 John Hinton

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