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words and music by John Hinton
with a little help from Michael Hinton

There's a brand new d-d-dance craze, I'm hoping that you'll give it a go.
It started off in C-Copenhagen, ninety years ago.
It's a revolutionary way of moving your body,                     
Yeah you're gonna shake your p-p-particles really oddly,
So follow these instructions and let's make this an interactive show.

Do-do-do the Quantum Entaglement, it goes like this:
Wr-wr-wrap your arms around each other so they're in a right twist,
S-s-stick your tongue out, and m-make sure all your fingers are bent,
And that's the Qu-qu-qu-qu-Quantum Entanglement!

Do-do-do the Quantum Entaglement: take paired electrons
And send them into spay-ay-ace in opposite directions.
Now unt-t-tangle one, and just as soon as that is done
You'll know the qu-qu-qu-quantum spin of the other one!

Spin up, and spin down
If you've got one the other must be around
This is not the action of some spooky quantum phantom
It's simply conservation of angular momentum

Do-do-do the Quantum Entanglement, and in the future,
You could be the basis behind every computer.
To help mankind in making this most coveted transition
Just hold an infinite number of states in superposition.
And that's the Qu-qu-qu-qu-Quantum Entanglement!

©2017 John Hinton

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