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words by John Hinton
music by John Hinton and Michael Hinton

Itsy bitsy neuron
Was a little nociceptor
Spending all its time on
A finger as a pain receptor.

Itsy sent electrical
Action potentials
Up along the spinal cord
And into the brain,
Where another neuron
Got a little jolt from
A synapse on its dendrite
And interpreted it as pain.

That little neuron
Sent a signal down its axon
To another neuron
Saying "ouch, I hurt".
The other little neuron
Had to get its skates on
To give some other neurons
A general pain alert.

Those little neurons
Spoke to other neurons,
Who spoke to other neurons
Further down the wire,
And those little neurons
Told the motor neurons
To tell the silly man
To take his hand out of the fire.

©2017 John Hinton

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