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words by John Hinton
music by John Hinton and Michael Hinton

JANET: Oh Brad, can't you get us there any faster?
BRAD: No Janet, I really am going as fast as I can.
JANET: But Brad, I'm so very ill!  I need to find a Pharmacy right away!
BRAD: Oh dammit, Janet, it's starting to rain.
JANET: Wait!  Brad!  There's a light!
BRAD: It looks a little like a luminous green plus-sign.
JANET: Could it be...a Pharmacy?  Oh Brad, it is a Pharmacy!  I'm saved!  And you know what happens when I'm saved, Brad?
BRAD: No, Janet, we've only just gotten married.
JANET: I start...to sing!!!
BRAD: Oh, dammit.

Song 1) "Theme from Medicine! The Musical"

JANET: I'm singin' when it's rainin'
I got a lot of reason to be complainin'
But luckily I have come
To the place that is lots of fun...
Yes I’m in the Pharmacy!
I won't come to no harm, ya see
You shall encounter
Behind the counter
A pharmacist
Who’s hard to resist
She's so very keen to flout her
Medicines with a twist.
Medicine! Medicine the Musical!
Medicine! It's the show with no reviews at all!
It's an incredible, totally seminal, medical shooooow!!!!

PHARMACIST: May I help you ma'am?
JANET: Well do you know, there's just a slim chance you might be able to. You see...

Song 2) "I'm Ill"

I'm ill! I'm ill!                                          Bb Dm
Quick quick, I need a pill!                    Gm F
I have a dodgy tum                             Ebm
And inflammation of the gum                Bb
And in my ears I hear a hum               Bbdim? (C# E Bb)
And I have a sore thumb                    F
And blisters on my bum                      F Bb F C F
Et cetera

PHARMACIST: You know ma'am...

Song 3) "The Pharmacist's Response"

You really shouldn't use medicines like they grew on trees    G D C D
Medicines are for treating serious disease                              “
Bacteria and viruses can develop immunities             G G7 C D
To our medicines if we just use them as we please.              G C CDG

But here you go anyways...

JANET: Oh thank you!

Song 4) "Medicine! Reprise"

Medicine! Isn’t it incredible?
Medicines are spectacularly plentiful!
So many sfzsbfsbsbsbfe  ways
To treat every malaise
And a spoonful of sugar
Will help them go down!

©2017 John Hinton

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