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words by John Hinton
(no music)

There once was a man from Sussex
Who thought he would write limericks
About what life meant,
And by the time he was spent,
He had written a total of six.

There was a bee in a bee-hive
Who said, “Well, I guess that since I’ve
Got some lovely offspring
Who’ve inherited my sting,
That probably means I’m alive.”

There once was a grand old oak tree
Who couldn’t think, smell, feel or see,
But don’t be mislead
Into thinking it was dead,
No, that tree was as living as me.

There once was an alien race
Who came from a far-distant place,
And though here the norm
Is carbon life-forms,
Their genetics were silicon-based.

There once were some simple bacteria
Who provoked quite a widespread hysteria
By claiming they were living,
And we soon had to give in,
‘Cos they satisfied all the criteria.

There once was some mouldy old slime,
Who said, surely you can’t claim that I’m
Alive as well?
That’s crazy as hell!”
But it was alive. And it could rhyme.

©2017 John Hinton

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