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words and music by John Hinton
with a little help from Jo Eagle

People used to assume that things just liked to be low                                          Am Dm G C
That apples fell to the ground because that was just where they wanted to go       Am Dm G C
And that the moon and the sun stayed in the sky                                                  Am Dm G C
because God decreed it so                                                                                 F G C

Then a saviour came along                                         F
And he showed that that was wrong                          C
It was Newton, I said Issac Newton,                        G G7
Who saw a far off falling fruit and                               C
"Of course!", he said,  "It's a force!", he said,             F
"And it's the same force that's making the moon spin round               C
And making the apple fall down."                                G F G C

He said, "Gravity                                            Am Dm
Keeps the Galaxy                  G C
Working in harmony                Am Dm
For you and me."                     G C
Sing it with me now... (repeat chorus)

Newton, I said Issac Newton                                     G G7
Saw a far off falling fruit and                                        C
Caused a wild worldwide sensation                             F
By expressing his theory in a simple equation:             C
Force equals mass times acceleration G F G C

And that is why
Keeps the Galaxy
Working in harmony
For you and me
Everybody now... (repeat chorus)

©2017 John Hinton

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