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words, music and animation by John Hinton

And now it's time for some easy listening electro-swing        
To make your phalanges click and the strings on your four-chambered heart go zing
So sit back and relax as I now sing
A song about pretty much everything

E is for the energy effervescing through the emptiness they used to call the ether
And it's also for the environmental ecology of the Earth beneath ya

E's for epiglottis, the flap that stops the food from falling into the lung     
And it's also for excrement, a scientific word for poo or dung 
E is for esophagus, the pipe that carries the food to your stomach to feed ya
But above all else, E is for Ensonglopedia

E is for empirical
Which means equipped with evidence acquired through experiment
E is europium, einsteinium and erbium,
Essentially for every element

Epidemiology, ecophysiology, endocrinology,
exogeology, enzymology, entomology and embryology

E is for the emu, a funny flightless bird, and the eagle which is somewhat speedier
But above all else, E is for Ensonglopedia

E is for entropy, the universal tendency
For things to get more and more chaotic
And also for endangered species like eleuths
Elephants and others even more exotic

Epigenetics, electrokinetics, E=mc squared
Emergence, efflorescence and electroluminescence
And exoplanets, which, it seems, are everywhere

E is for electric guitar,
And it's also for Ensonglopedia!

©2017 John Hinton

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