Ensonglopedia of Plants

A musical journey through the systematics garden at Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Ensonglopedia of Plants is a collection of eleven songs commissioned to celebrate the building of the Garden’s new Rising Path visitor attraction in 2018.


John Hinton first wrote a suite of songs for Cambridge University Botanic Garden in 2014, as part of the Campsite residency. Then, in 2018, when the Garden decided to redesign their historic systematics beds, and build a new Rising Path for visitors to be able to see these beds from above for the first time, they asked John to come back and write songs about ten selected plant families. He went one further, and wrote them an intro song too!


The songs will be beamed by Wifi to your mobile phone from pods positioned next to various beds around the systematics garden at Cambridge University Botanic Garden.


Ensonglopedia of Plants was the first entirely newly-commissioned Ensonglopedia (Ensonglopedia of Space came first, but was mainly a compilation of existing songs).

Although the collection of songs was performed in its entirety for the official launch of the Rising Path in September 2018, it is primarily an album, not a live show. The songs will probably find their way into other shows as well though.


Some of the songs will be performed as part of John’s show Now That’s What I Call A Lot Of Songs About Science in Brighton on October 27th, and some will be performed at a private event in Cambridge in November.  To hear the whole thing, you’ll have to wait for the album to be released!