Ensonglopedia of British History

The entire history of Britain, in alphabetical and chronological order.

Ensonglopedia of British History will premiere in March 2019. Expect the unexpected.  And expect it to rhyme.


Ensonglopedia of British History will be the third full-length Ensonglopedia show.


The show will be enjoyed by all ages from 7 to adult, and is suitable for a wide range of performance settings, including theatres, schools, science festivals and village halls.  For school audiences, the show is offered to upper KS2 and KS3.


Ensonglopedia of British History recounts the major events in our island’s history, from the point of view of a character who lives forever and does their best to provide for themselves and their family amid political turmoil, disease, industrialisation, and everything else that history has to throw at them.

This is not your usual trundle through Kings, Queens and prime ministers.  This is history as lived by the common man and woman, armed with little more than a guitar and a sense of humour.


“The brilliance of this show is that it is pitched perfectly, so that younger audience members have plenty to amuse them…[the] adults have plenty to admire in the lyrics… The songs are fantastically clever… His use of language, particularly the choice of rhymes, will delight anyone with even the vaguest interest in words.” ★★★★★ BROADWAY BABY

“What a treat for us all! The kids were enthralled – sword fights, dance moves, protests, foolishness. What could be better than that? Thanks, John, for a brilliant show.” MISS EAGLE – DITCHLING PRIMARY SCHOOL



The following organisations and individuals are kindly fact-checking the show’s history content, as well as helping in various other ways:

  • The University of Sussex
  • National Trust
  • English Heritage
  • Historic England
  • University of Durham


There is currently one upcoming performance of Ensonglopedia of British History: at Ditchling Village Hall on Saturday 7th December 2019 at 2pm.  Please email everything@ensonglopedia.com to reserve tickets.

Ensonglopedia of British History had its world premiere at Spilsby Theatre, Lincolnshire on 29th March 2019, and played Brighton Fringe Festival in May 2019.

We are seeking tour dates for Autumn 2019 and beyond. Please contact us using the form below if you are interested in bringing this show to your venue.