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Ensonglopedia of AnimalsEnsonglopedia of Animals

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Ensonglopedia of Animals will be the second show in the Ensonglopedia series. The audience will meet 26 animals - one for each letter of the alphabet.

The show's rehearsal phase and early touring is being supported through a Grant For The Arts from Arts Council EnglandSupported by Arts Council England, and the British Ecological Society Supported by the British Ecological Society are funding an accompanying documentary film.

The project is currently SEEKING PEER REVIEWERS!!!!
Are you an expert in one (or more) of the following clades of animal?

whales • marsupials • monotremes • eagles • fish (bony, cartilaginous and jawless) • vipers • echinoderms • nudibranchs • cuttlefish • leeches • tarantulas • tardigrades • nematodes • siphonophores • corals • sponges

Or are you an expert in the evolution of and phylogenetic links between animals?

If so, we want to hear from you! All we need is experts to fact-check the songs and animations for the show. It's a role that will make very little demands on your time. We will thank you here and in our show programme, and you'll get a free copy of the show CD and book once they're done, but unfortunately we can't pay.

BACKGROUND: John Hinton has written several musical comedies about natural history - notably his internationally acclaimed The Origin of Species... for Tangram Theatre, his commissioned songs for Natural History Museum and Cambridge University Botanic Garden, and his schools' piece 'Bex and Rex in the Beastly Brecks'.

John is a Jacques Lecoq-trained physical performer and workshop leader.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  The show will be enjoyed by all ages from 5 to adult, and is particularly aimed at school children in Key Stage 2 (age 7-11). It suitable for a wide range of performance settings, including theatres, schools, science festivals and village halls. 

EXPERTS: The following organisations and individuals are kindly helping to fact-check the show's science content (but we need more! See pink box above):

DATES: Ensonglopedia of Animals will premiere in Spilsby on April 29th 2018, and will play Brighton Fringe in May. and elsewhere. See the list of upcoming performances.

If you are a venue or promoter, please contact us to request a full information pack.

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