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About the Ensonglopedia of Science

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Ensonglopedia of Science is a music/theatre/science show to delight the inquisitive mind.

Expect atoms, black holes, cells, DNA and everything in between.  Expect folk, gospel, hip-hop, interpretative dance, jive and klezmer.  In fact, expect the alphabet to feature quite prominently.  Above all, expect the unexpected.  And expect it to rhyme. 

THE BACKGROUND: Ensonglopedia of Science is a new one-man show from John Hinton, the multi-award-winning writer and performer of an internationally renowned ‘Scientrilogy’ of musical comedies about Darwin, Einstein and Curie.  He has written science communication songs for museums, botanic gardens and county councils, and is a Jacques Lecoq-trained physical performer and workshop leader.

THE TARGET AUDIENCE:  The show will be enjoyed by all ages from 7 to adult, and is suitable for a wide range of performance settings, including theatres, schools, science festivals and village halls.  For school audiences, the show is offered to upper KS2 and KS3.

THE SHOW:  The show consists of twenty-six songs about different areas of science, each rigorously fact-checked by an expert scientist working in the relevant field (and also rigorously excellentness-checked by a team of world-class theatre makers).

THE EXPERTS: The following organisations and individuals are kindly helping to fact-check the show's lyric and video content:

THE DATES: Ensonglopedia of Science premiered at the Brighton Science Festival on 18th February 2017, and has played over twenty times since then. This Summer, it will be showing at the Museum of Scotland as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The autumn 2017 tour is shaping up very nicely.

If you are a venue, please contact us to request a full information pack.

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